General Information

Terms of Contract / 契約期間
Indefinite term / 期間の定めなし

Working Hours / 勤務時間
9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Vacation / 休日
Weekends, Public holidays, End-of-the-year and New Year holidays, the "GW" / 土日祝、年末年始、GW

Holidays / 休暇
Annual Paid Time Off, Open Vacation Benefit, Special leaves, Maternity leave, etc / 有給休暇、オープン有給休暇、特別休暇、マタニティ休暇、等

Location / 勤務地
Tokyo / 東京

Initial annual Salary / 給与(年収)

Description and Requirements

The team

We are a rapidly growing and highly capable engineering team building the most popular job site on the planet. Every month, over 200 million people count on us to help them find jobs, publish their resumes, process their job applications, and connect them to qualified candidates for their job openings. With engineering hubs in Seattle, San Francisco, Austin, Tokyo and Hyderabad, we are improving people's lives all around the world, one job at a time.


Your job

As a Product Scientist at Indeed, your role is to positively impact Indeed's products by improving data driven decision-making. You will work with our Product teams across Indeed to identify and solve tough problems. You should love to learn, enjoy helping others make better decisions using Indeed’s vast stores of data, and feel comfortable explaining your work. You’ll be coding, cleaning, visualizing, and analyzing data using statistical methods.
Our team comes from a variety of different backgrounds, and we value people who bring a unique outlook or skillset to our team that they can teach us. We are not afraid to try new things, and we seek the simplest solution that will have the biggest impact. We launch and iterate.
This is an exciting new team with lots of opportunity for growth. If you’re a self-starter looking to use your data skills in a creative way to help people get jobs, please apply below.


About you / Requirements

Required Qualifications / 必須

    • BS degree, Advanced Degree preferred, with advanced coursework in statistics, machine learning, programming, or related skills
    • 理系学士号取得。統計学、機械学習、プログラミング、または関連スキルの上級クラスを履修し、修士号などを取得していることが望ましい
    • Experience coding in Python, R or another advanced data programming language
    • Python、R、または他の高度データプログラミング言語でのコーディング経験
    • Strong communication and collaboration skills
    • 高いコミュニケーション力と協力スキル
    • Ability to write and present results to both technical and non-technical audiences
    • 技術分野と非技術分野双方の人々に対し、結果を書面報告・プレゼンする能力
    • Driven to help their teammates and Indeed’s products
    • チームの同僚やIndeedのプロダクトを支援する意欲
    • Experience designing and conducting research projects
    • リサーチプロジェクトの設計および実施の経験

Preferred Qualifications / あれば尚可

    • Relevant experience (including internships and/or research) in Business Analytics, Data Analysis, Product Management, Data Science, or related fields
    • ビジネスアナリティクス、データ分析、プロダクトマネジメント、データサイエンス、または関係分野で、関連する経験(インターンシップやリサーチの両方またはいずれかを含む)
    • Experience building and/or pulling data using SQL
    • SQLを用いたデータ構築やデータ取得(両方またはいずれか)
    • Production experience with machine learning and other advanced statistical methods
    • 機械学習や他の高度統計的メソッドを用いたプロダクション経験
    • Deep understanding of designing and implementing A/B tests and multivariate analyses
    • ABテスト及び多変量解析の設計及び実装に関する深い理解


【Application term / 応募期間】
  2019/03/01 ~ 2019/04/14 23:59
【Online test, Homework / オンラインテスト , Homework】
  2019/04/15 ~ 2019/04/22 23:59
【Interviews / 面接】
  2019/06/03 ~

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